Alexis Branch, EA, CTRC

CEO and Founder, Canyon View Tax and Accounting

Alexis Branch, EA, CTRC

Alexis Branch, EA

Alexis Branch, EA is the founder of Canyon View Tax and Accounting. Alexis holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Economics from the University of Texas at Arlington. Alexis is an enrolled agent with the Internal Revenue Service, which gives her the ability to advocate for taxpayers across the entire United States. She is licensed by the IRS to work with taxpayers facing IRS issues and can handle your case through the entire process. She has helped thousands of taxpayers over her career save tax dollars, get in compliance and create proactive plans to handle all aspects of accounting and tax matters they face.

Alexis has 17 years of complex taxation experience in the public accounting industry, including tax preparation and compliance, IRS debt resolution, IRS Audits, IRS Appeals and advanced tax strategy planning. Alexis is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the National Association of Tax Professionals.

After years of complex tax work at tax firms in Texas and Colorado, Alexis started her own company in 2021. She was tired of seeing frustrated clients through her entire career, that tax accountants did not have time to help beyond just filing their return each year. She knew she needed to change things. She recognizes the flaws traditional public accounting firms have in their structure, and wanted to help taxpayers with more than just filing their tax return every year. Many taxpayers want to save as much tax as possible and avoid large tax burdens. Many taxpayers find their accountants overwhelmed, behind with work, unavailable for phone calls and emails, and unable to take a proactive approach to long term tax management and savings.

Many taxpayers find it difficult to navigate the resource challenge IRS when the problems being. Alexis has the unique ability fight through the bureaucratic red tape, advocate for her clients, solve any problems they encounter, all while reducing the stress associated with dealing with the IRS. Contact her today, to start your customized plan and attack the IRS issues you face head on!