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Canyon View Tax and Accounting is a local family-owned firm with big firm expertise and a long-term outlook. We focus on helping individual taxpayers and businesses pay the lowest legal tax amounts possible, using proven tax planning and strategy methods. We don’t just put numbers on paper, we view each tax return as a unique situation that deserves above and beyond service beyond the current industry standard. Ongoing relationships with our clients help us formulate tax plans and strategies. Often and unfortunately our clients’ former accountants only spoke with them in the spring of each year, to simply file a tax return. The former accountant couldn’t lower their tax because of lack of proactive communicating or avoiding the client because they were busy. Once the year has ended, you have far fewer options to lower tax you pay and this can be a huge loss of tax savings! We work with you through the year and within the complex IRS rules to proactively lower taxes, monitor your IRS account, minimize audit risk, and protect you, your family and business assets.

Our passion is working with business owners locally and nationwide, to be a tax and accounting advocate. This allows our clients to focus on their business, grow their business and stress less about taxes and financial concerns.

In addition to tax preparation, tax planning and strategy we specialize in IRS and State Tax Resolution. If you ever find yourself behind on tax payments or tax filings, we can help you get back on track with the IRS and State with our expert knowledge and services. We have certified tax resolution consultants to help you navigate this stressful situation easily.

RamseyTrusted tax pro in Grand Junction 

We serve clients as RamseyTrusted tax pros for Dave Ramsey in the following cities

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  • RamseyTrusted tax pro Grand Junction Anchorage AK
  • RamseyTrusted tax pro Grand Junction Grand Island NE
  • RamseyTrusted tax pro Grand Junction Midland, TX
  • RamseyTrusted tax pro Grand Junction Odessa, TX
  • RamseyTrusted tax pro Grand Junction El Paso, TX
  • RamseyTrusted tax pro Grand Junction Brownsville, TX

Why Choose a RamseyTrusted Tax Pro?

  • The Dave Ramsey Difference:

    • we are not just any tax advisor; we are a RamseyTrusted tax pro. This means we uphold Dave Ramsey's principles of financial responsibility, debt elimination, and building wealth. we'll empower you to take control of your money, understanding how income tax rate fits into the bigger picture.
  • Nationwide Tax Expertise:

    • The Founder, Alexis Branch, EA, CTRC, is an Enrolled Agent (EA) and Certified Tax Resolution Consultant (CTRC) licensed by the IRS to navigate complex tax laws and regulations. Alexis' expertise helps taxpayers maximize their tax savings and keep tax dollars in their pockets! As a RamseyTrusted Tax Pro with nationwide reach, she provides expert tax services to clients in all 50 states.
  • Personalized Service: 

    • Your financial situation is unique. we'll take the time to understand your goals, challenges, and questions, providing tailored solutions that make achieving a brighter financial future possible.
  • Year-Round Support: 

    • Tax season doesn't define our relationship.  we offer year-round support, proactive planning, and timely updates on tax law changes that affect you.

Let’s Work Together

We get to know our clients on a personal level and pride ourselves in being available via email, text or phone when clients need our assistance. Many accountants are hard to get a hold of and leave taxpayers worried, due to lack of response. We never bill you for simply reaching out to us and enjoy hearing from our clients, even if it is not about tax related matters! Ongoing relationships with our clients help us formulate tax plans and strategies to lower taxes. Call us today to get started on your custom tax plan!
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