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Maximize your individual and business tax returns with Canyon View Tax and Accounting. We offer tax preparation services, tax resolution services, tax planning and tax strategy services in Grand Junction, Colorado and for the entire United States. Our tax service lines include Individual, Business, Trust, and Non-Profit tax returns.

Tax Services extend far beyond merely filing a tax return and putting numbers on a page. We believe the United States Tax Return should be called a Tax Reconciliation. The concept of the Tax Return is to reconcile payments made during the year, with the income you earned, to determine if you have made necessary payments to cover the tax you owe for the current Tax Year. Many taxpayers assume they will receive a refund because the phrase Tax Refund is used, and this is a big misconception. If one small piece of puzzle is off, you are very likely to owe the Internal Revenue Service when you file your tax return. Canyon View Tax and Accounting can help you manage this process and be ahead of the game. Many taxpayers find themselves owing substantial amounts of money to the IRS at the time of filing and experience stress related to this uncertainty. We specialize in helping proactively avoid stress related to taxes, and work with our clients to minimize surprises at the time of filing.

Many accountants do not help clients navigate the tax process and alter the approach to their return to lessen stress. They often don’t speak with their clients before or after the return is filed and fail to explain the next steps after filing a tax return. We meet with each client briefly after the return is prepared to explain the return, provide guidance, and answer any questions that may arise after reviewing their tax return. This ensures that the client knows the next steps in the process and understands there to do list to finish up the tax filing process.

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If you are looking for an accountant who will be an advocate for you during the tax filing process, look no further. We provide superior customer service and break the traditional mold of accountants in the tax services industry. We believe that it is possible to have a caring, approachable, communicative, and attentive accountant while still managing the demands of the tax services industry. We are currently seeking new clients for all tax services, contact us today for a consultation for your custom tax package!

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